Teacher, Performer, and Eternal Gypsy…

I am Mara, the creative director of this colorful and vibrant dance troupe…….Moorish Gypsy.   We are a local belly dance company that performs throughout the Triangle area. Moorish Gypsy can be seen at local community haflas, fundraisers, city fairs, and the Eno River Festival in July.

My specialty is Arab-Spanish Fusion, Zambra Mora, and Gypsy style belly dance.  As an educator, my primary goal is preserving cultural dance and history, while promoting a positive and healthy body image for women and young girls.

I am eternally grateful to our troupe members, guest artists, and my beautiful daughter for participating in my passion for dance.  All of you inspire me in creating the fun, playful, and sensual dances that are Moorish Gypsy’s trademark.

With love and gratitude, your beautiful faces grace the many pages of this Website… my daughter Nadia, Shaiya, Amara, Jessica, Sujuan, Lael, Heather, and Lauren…

An unexpected passion takes over….  While swaying my body to the beautiful melody of the oud and nay, plus the staccato rhythm of the drum, I began a new love affair with the instruments themselves..  Here begins this dancers journey into becoming a musician.  I have been drumming for several years under the tutelage of John Price and Souhail Kaspar in addition to learning the Arabian and silver flute.  I am proud and happy to be a member of The Lost Nomads, a Middle Eastern band that performs locally in the Triangle.   ~Thank you for visiting my website

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