Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of past performances of the Moorish Gypsy Dance Company:

ATS Attach with Jeremiah Soto ~ July 2012

ENO River Festival with Lost  Nomads and Triangle Bellydance Meetup ~ Julu 2012

Amara & Mara with the Lost Nomads ~ 2011

Blue Mooon Winter Hafla ~ Amara & Mara ~2011

Blue Moon Summer Hafla ~ Mara & Nadia ~ 2011

50th Birthday Party Celebration ~ 2011


Eno Festival ~ 2011


Moorish Gypsy Dance Company



Scarf Dance


Shawl Dance



Happy Hips



Twilight Tribal

Audience participation...

Shimmy Contest.....


Winter Solstice ~ 2011



Moorish Gypsy performed Mumbai Salsa



Nadia, Amani, and Mara


Blue Moon Winter Hafla in Durham ~ 2010

Mara & Nadia performing to traditional Arabic music by Eddie Kochak

Eno Festival July 2010




Renaissance Fair with Colorful Waves ~ 2010

Yonja, Mara, Shazaadee, Heidi, Amara

Beach Blanket Beladi in Nags Head, NC with guest artist Dalia Carrera~2010

Flamenco Arabe Dance to "Juntos" & "Baddy Doub"

Drum Circle Summer 2010

Zambra Mora Workshop and Andalusian Lunch ~ 2010

Teaching "Zambra".. We had a great time!

The food was awesome! Thanks to my husband Bruce who cooked for us

The Sangria was pretty good too......Ole'

Spanish Fan Dance at St. Augustine College~2009

Flamenco Fusion Fan Dance

Haflaween Mara & Nadia~ 2009

Halloween theme event dancing to "Super Massive Black Hole" from Twilight

International Festival ~ Fayetteville, NC 2009
Mara performing a Spanish Skirt dance

Eno River Festival ~ July 2009

Gypsy Skirt Dance

Happy Hips Children Troupe

My wonderful husband Bruce, who supports my insanity with dance!

Moorish Gypsy member Nadia...

Shaiya performing a sword dance

Mara & Nadia dancing at the Cancun Grill in Apex ~ 2009

Amaya Workshop and Show ~ Charlotte, NC 2009

Special guest from New Mexico, Amaya

Group photo of performers

Bellydance Raqs with special guest Dierdre ~ 2008

Victoria, Karla, Deirdre, Shaiya, Mara